The Tragic Death of Nadia Kajouji

Internet chatrooms and a suicide pact



18-year-old Nadia Kajouji


Nadia Kajouji was a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada in 2007. She was an 18-year-old law student and she was from Brampton, Ontario.

Nadia was having a significantly normal university experience, she moved into a dorm in her first year, she made lots of new friends, she loved socializing and going to parties, she had a boyfriend and she was trying to manage all of this with being a pre-law student.

In 2008 during the winter semester, it seemed as though she was becoming increasingly depressed. Her depression led her to find people to talk to online on different chatrooms about the way she was feeling, and how she could potentially feel better. However, Nadia came across a chatroom where she started chatting with an individual named Cami.

Reportedly, she spoke to Cami about her intrusive thoughts and suicidal ideations. Cami would encourage Nadia to talk about her suicidal ideations and her plans to end her own life. Nadia started becoming increasingly curious about what death feels like. She went on to tell Cami this in the online chatroom.

Around this time Cami started encouraging Nadia to take her own life.

Beginning of the End

About a month before Nadia disappeared investigators found out that the Cami D was an ex-nurse. Cami initially wanted Nadia to kill herself on webcam while on a call with them. Cami taught Nadia the right positioning of the rope but Nadia opted out of doing it that night because Cami told her she needed a nylon rope to do it which she did not have.

On March 9, 2008, Nadia’s roommates realized they hadn’t seen her since early the day before but the music in her room was still blasting and the door was locked. Her roommates became increasingly concerned and called maintenance along with security to unlock the door. When the door was opened there was no sign of Nadia in her room but it was pristine and her bed was made.

This was when her roommates and the university alerted the RMCP that Nadia was missing. Her parents were also notified but not till about two days after the initial RMCP report.