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This case will make your blood boil

19-year-old rapist Brock Turner

The disturbing story of an incel

22-year-old murderer Elliot Rodger


Cyber flashing is illegal.

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No one killed Jessica

34-year-old Model Jessica Lal


My advice to men as a woman.

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Here are some signs she is into you…

  1. You catch her staring at you many times even if you guys aren’t talking at…

This is just my experience as a straight girl.

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Why it feels like a losing battle

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It was just the beginning

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Early Memories

TW: Talks about torture, murder, and sexual assault of children

Pedophile Peter Skully’s mugshot
Peter Scully’s mugshot


Building a relationship is not a straight line.

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Doggy mum. Lover of words.

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