They killed him and got away with it

Candy Mossler


She killed over 600 men with her poisonous makeup

Giulia Tofana


Why it feels like a losing battle

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It was just the beginning

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Early Memories

TW: Talks about torture, murder, and sexual assault of children

Pedophile Peter Skully’s mugshot
Pedophile Peter Skully’s mugshot
Peter Scully’s mugshot


Building a relationship is not a straight line.

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She was murdered over a pair of leggings

30-year-old Jayna Troxel Murray


The Murder

“I am not going to argue with you about what I know I experienced.”

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What are the signs of Gaslighting?

  1. Constantly worrying that you are interpreting things wrong and feeling like you’re overreacting.
  2. Thinking everything that happens is your fault.
  3. Their actions don’t match their words.
  4. They constantly shift the blame onto you even if it’s something they did.
  5. They insult you sometimes and praise you other times.
  6. They make you feel confused about memories, experiences, and facts.

What can Gaslighting sound like?

  1. “You’re Crazy.”
  2. “You’re so sensitive”
  3. “You’re so dramatic.”

She was raped, murdered, and then left on the beach face down

15-year-old Scarlett Eden Keeling


Prerna Majumdar

23 😋 Fearless Writer.

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